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If unable to find stations during a seek, tune or scan, check the categories that are selected. A filter icon is displayed when categories are set.
The radio will not retrofit earlier than 2014 models.
Yes. However, there are some usability differences when connected via Bluetooth vs. USB. Consult your owner’s manual.
If you do not have a headset connected to the system, the media / music will pause if there is an incoming call, appointment alert, etc. from your phone.
Please see your local dealer for assistance to restore your factory settings.
Yes, multiple Bluetooth devices can be paired with the radio but only one can be actively in use for either phone or streaming audio functions. For example, one device could be active for making phone calls and another active for streaming audio
Keyboard entry capability is disabled while the vehicle is in motion.
Squelch and VOX affect when the radio interrupts playing media and switches to playing CB or Intercom audio, respectively. Squelch sets the range at which the radio receives CB transmissions from other CB users who are on the same channel; if it is set too high you will not be able to hear transmissions from other CB users. If it is set too low you will pick up noise constantly and media audio will never resume playing. VOX is the sensitivity of the intercom to your speech through the headset microphone; if it is set too high, you will have to speak very loudly to activate the intercom. If it is set too low, wind noise and other outside factors will be activate the intercom and media audio will never resume playing