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Evolution engined FXR converting to Twin Cam SE120R

This bike came to us as a slightly rough, used FXR without a fairing. A customer purchased the bike and wanted an FXRT (touring) and the conversion began. To make power he wanted a 120 cubic inch engine, and a twin-cam at that, IN AN EVO FRAME! We contacted S&S who sent us some of their 120+ twin cam cases with evolution mounting points. The motor is completely built in house from the cases up, every single internal part had to be ordered and installed.

For the cosmetic portion, the customer located repro saddlebags and a fairing. The fairing won't be the typical tape deck in the dash you see on the original FXR, as the GPS will be mounted in the location for the original equipment stereo and the Dakota Digital gauges will be in the original speaker holes.

For the chassis the bike will be getting a set of wheels, an upgrade to the front suspension (adjustable forks) and dual disc brakes upfront with the stock binder keeping things together out back.

There is still quite a bit to do before June!

The last time we saw our SE120R FXR she had beautiful bodywork all over her, clearly that's gone. We did receive some early Christmas presents in the form of powdercoated parts just brought back in from American Powdercoat in Pittsboro, NC. They always do a fantastic job! We're excited to continue on this project, as we have a lot more coming, suspension will be re-valved by Race-Tech and we have some killer wheels on the way. Still a long way to go though, so keep checking back for more updates!

The FXR120R is coming together!!! We got fully painted body work back and laid the GPS system right into the dash. It looks great with the Dakota Digital gauges. The Flipside Prowler wheels in stock sizes insure that this bike will handle well and the sticky GT501 Dunlop tires will also improve the handling manners of this machine. With most of the assembly complete, look for this bike to be finalized very soon!

Engine Build, Full Bike Build
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